The national treasure of sacred art is brought to light by the Brașov Ethnography Museum, in partnership with the Maramureș County Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art in Baia Mare, the Făgăraș County Museum "Valer Literat" and the Museum of the Church "Saint Nicholas" - First Romanian School . 

Baia Mare and Brașov will host between August and November 2021 the exhibition " The Iconographic cultural heritage of Șchei - national exhibition", following the implementation of a project initiated by the Brașov Ethnography Museum, funded by the Brașov County Council and co-financed by the Cultural Fund Administration within the second session of financing cultural projects for 2021, the thematic area Material Cultural Heritage.
The exhibition will include over 40 cultural objects from the collection of the Brașov Ethnography Museum, the Făgăraș County Museum "Valer Literat", the Maramureș County Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art from Baia Mare, the Museum of the Church "Sfântul Nicolae - Prima Școală Românească" from Brașov and brings to the public's attention the thematic diversity of the icons made in the iconic center in Șcheii Brașovului.
The project aims to value the ethnographic collections of the mentioned cultural institutions in an attractive and accessible way to the general public. Therefore, in addition to exhibitions, conferences and four interactive workshops will be organized to bring to the same table artisans and specialists in the field. The works made during the workshops will be displayed in the exhibition "From the symbols of traditional art, to current design" and can be admired between October and November at the museums in Brasov and Baia Mare.
The cultural products of the project will be an exhibition catalog and a virtual tour of the temporary exhibition in Baia Mare, two films to popularize the traditional techniques of painting on glass and wood and a video presentation of the exhibitio from Baia Mare museum. All these materials will be available on the official websites and Facebook pages of the institutions involved in the project.